From Mechanism to Organism: Cultivating a Practical Understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s Ideas on Social Threefolding for the Current Times


September 21, 22, 23


218 Town Farm Rd. Hardwick, VT 05843








About the Conference

Together as colleagues, in the interest of our individual development and that of the whole human community, we will explore the high ideal and practical application of Social Threefolding. For this conference we are bringing a Socratic Seminar approach. We will look more to the co-creative content that can arise out of group work as we take up one another’s Threefolding questions in conversation circles. Alongside the circle work there will be talks given to stimulate our minds with these ideas, as we look to help one another through to a better understanding of how to practically engage them in outer life.

This is our task:  to link these ideas to daily life.  Individual initiative is imperative.  And we need to be sure of our traveling companions as well, as together we will create our destination.  The time is ripe for small and great steps toward a boldly fearless—and sunny—future! 

Time to Rise: A Heartbeet Youth Conference on Social Threefolding

Since the Industrial Revolution, western civilization has been driven by economic forces to the detriment of freedom in cultural life, justice and equality for all in political life, and even economic prosperity, due to the concentration of wealth.  Well-meaning social movements have sought to address this issue by transferring economic power to the government through communal ownership (communism/socialism), only to find that once again corruption and inequality prevail.

One hundred years ago Rudolf Steiner shared the radical insight that the high ideals of the French Revolution — Liberty, Equality and Fraternity — actually hold the key to social health, but only if they are applied to the appropriate aspects of life: freedom in cultural life, including religion and education; equal rights for all in the political arena; and in place of self-interest, fruitful associative collaboration amongst consumers and producers in the economic sphere to serve the needs of all.

You are invited to participate in a conference at Heartbeet Lifesharing Community in Hardwick, VT to explore these social ideals and engage with others in living into their relevance and creative possibilities in our real current situations: in schools, on farms, intentional communities and other social and economic organizations.

Keynote Speakers

Chris Schaefer, Guy Alma and Nathaniel Williams SEE ALL SPEAKERS/WORKSHOPS

Conference Host

On The Agenda

We will engage in lively, artistic activity and our beloved conversation circles, as well as seminar-style presentations, facilitated by persons who are journeying with threefolding. Of course, all will culminate in a festival of celebration! VIEW PROGRAM


The conference is being held at Heartbeet Lifesharing, Inc.

218 Town Farm Rd.

Hardwick, VT 05842

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